Monday, September 27, 2004

Wandering around Dublin

We had a long talk last night, me and the Green Goblin (otherwise known as Alasdair). So today we struggled into Dublin by afternoon and tried to remember the way to the National Museum of Ireland, as we thought we'd take a look at the Book of Kells.

After some authentic tourist-style wandering around, swearing at each other, and arguing over where we were in relation to where we were trying to get to, we found our way first to Kildare Street, where the National Library of Ireland is situated. As it happens, they are currently holding an exhibition on Joyce's Ulysses, and Alasdair is nutty for all things Joyce, we took a look round.

I have to say it was most impressive. Shame the website doesn't reflect the variety and quality and technological innovation (interactive screens that offered comprehensive analysis of Ulysses from all kind of angles, the production of the manuscript, the individual characters, etc)

And then the Book of Kells, and equally impressive, The Long Room at Trinity College. Oh my goodness, all those books...

end of travel guide, it's so boring, you have to just go along yourself


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