Wednesday, November 17, 2004

19 - nu-nu-nu-nuh - 19

I have broken my own previously unstated rules with the title of this post.

Some of you may have noticed that there are very few cultural references in what I write here. This is no accident, but part of a principled stance against connecting with the world and its inhabitants through TV, books, films, music, paintings, ads, products, celebrities, etc. I suppose I've some pretty basic reasons for heading down this route:

1) I've grown tired of meeting someone and sounding one another out via CD collection and literary intake
2) I wondered what would happen to me if I pretty much stopped reading novels, watching movies, watching TV, etc

I suppose I don't subscribe to the notion that it is possible to disengage from the world. By cutting out the input from books, TV, and movies, the natural consequence is I find myself engaging with a whole load of other things, all located within my daily life, all close enough to reach out and touch (as well as be touched by). This is what I want!

So far, the results have been so positive that I am seriously considering a Personal Media Blackout during 2005.

The other rules of my blog are:

1) Only write about one day at a time
2) Don't let events that happen encourage me to write about the past

So why break the rule today?

Well, I was feeling contrary, and I have an issue so pressing that I thought, "What the hell?" and my problem is best encapsulated with reference to a two digit number, stuttered or not, 19.

You see, I am going to America on the 6th December, but the countdown doesn't seem to be progressing. Every time I sit down and work out how long there is to go until take-off, it seems, if anything, to be moving further away.

This morning I looked at my wristwatch and there was the little date - 17th

From there I worked out how many days were left in November. Now I always use the calendar on my knuckles for this*, rather than any of those sillly rhymes that help some people, so looking along I saw that November has 30 days. Okay, how many days are left...

The answer: 19!

Oh no! Surely it was 19 yesterday... and the day before... what has happened?

Am I, to make another cultural reference, trapped in my very own Twilight Zone?

If there are still 19 days to go tomorrow, I am going to cancel my flights or switch to the Islamic calendar - something has to give.

*This method is to use your knuckles and whichever ones are higher up are the hills and represent the months with thirty-one days. The lower knuckles are the valleys and those represent the months with thirty days or less. Start with the knuckles on your left hand and put your right and left hand next to each other so that your thumbs are touching. January is the first month and is represented by a hill which is the far left knuckle. This means that January has thirty-one days. The last knuckle on the left hand is July with 31 days, then carry on to your right hand, the first knuckle being August, again with 31 days, and so on. When you reach December, stop, and just be thankful that you have some knuckles spare.


Blogger gymnut said...

Im sorry, but according to my knuckles the world has got it very wrong. there are only two months in the year with 31 days. And quite possibly there are at least 3 months that hardly have any days.
I started to believe that maybe i had lost two fingers whlst curling my knuckles. but on closer inspection I realise that it doesnt work if you have broken your knuckles/fingers and the knuckles have gone.
Please can you explain another method of locating the months with 31 days etc. I think im in August, its somewhat cold in my shorts and Tshirt.

4:41 AM  

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