Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm dressing like a born again Christian...

I have had some dealings with a born-again Christian. He is from the Congo. He is called Patrick. He told me it was "God's blessing" that brought us together. Time will be the judge.

Patrick - a study in indoctrination

Gender: Male
Tattooed: Unknown
Hair: N/A
Hairstyle: N/A
Age: 25+
Occupation: Man of God

I have agreed to help Patrick assemble a small website for his religious project. This religious project involves uniting people by playing football and talking about God. I don't think he means to combine these two activities. Maybe you talk about God at half-time or when the ball has gone out of play.

From talking to him, I gained the distinct impression that Patrick admires himself quite a lot, so I made sure a large picture of him featured prominently. I had a vision of Patrick assessing my initial design ideas, dubious about the central role given to an image of Jesus Christ.

"I like it, but there's something not quite right, Jason. Hmmm, maybe we scale down Jesus Christ and move him out to the side a little. Make him about a quarter of the size of me..."

"Well, we could, but I don't think the page will look very balanced..."

"Okay, okay. Hmmm, for now, let's take Jesus Christ out, take him out completely. I don't think Jesus Christ is working..."

He advised me that two pictures were needed, and these should fade between one another. One depicts the "business Patrick", the other, the "cool Patrick."

We flipped through some CDs of photos, selecting appropriate shots. There were lots of pictures of Patrick with his shirt off. He didn't comment on these.

Here is the rough design.

While chatting to Patrick, I was alarmed to see that he was wearing exactly the same coat as myself. Since when did I start dressing like a born-again Christian?


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