Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Bravest Man in America

Here is a poem for to go for the comatose

The Bravest Man in America

on Union Avenue
With six lanes of flying cars
I saw the bravest man
in America
sat in a motorised wheelchair

Off the sidewalk he tootled
into the path of
delivery trucks
and other examples
of automotive transportation

A car in the first lane
slammed on its brakes
And on he went
through whizzing traffic

Two lanes
I prepared to witness death

Three lanes
Cars burst past like missiles

Four lanes
A dramatic pause, then,
and on he went

Five lanes
Why was he still alive?

Six lanes
and a final flourish
a wave to the waiting car

The entire journey
radiating peril
in the full possession of his senses
acknowledged with that wave
a masterly performance
from the six-lane matador

Into a sidestreet
the buzz of his motorised chair
the sun afraid to set
on the Bravest Man in America


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