Monday, January 24, 2005

McSweeneys say No

Oh dear.

Here is a rejection message from McSweeneys

I thank you for letting us have a look, but I'm afraid that we're going to
pass on this one.

John Warner

No feedback. I find that disappointing, but how much feedback do you get when someone has pasted in their sample rejection response? Maybe my tract concerning a cat flea is 100% wrong, completely free of artistic merit, unfit for the all-seeing eyes of law-abiding literary folk, people who actively seek out the chance to use words like "pulchritude" and "alabaster". I don't know. In the absence of anything beyond a basic "NO!" I am speculating, speculating wildly.

Why not just write something more fetching?

How about:

Sorry, but this is shit.

John Warner

Then I could've sent a reply

John Warner:
Sorry my writing is shit.


Actually, I will send exactly that reply. I will do it this moment.

It's now 5:27 pm, and I have received a further message from John Warner, confirming that he is most likely not an autoresponder.


I wouldn't say so. For us, it really is a matter of fit and space. We get
literally hundreds of submissions a week and have space for a handful. More
often than not or no means not for us, rather than "no good."

Keep writing.


I have replied and closed this conversation.

John Warner:

Many thanks. I knew you were not an automated response.

I will keep trying.

Jason Kennedy


Blogger Amy said...

That's really crap! I love reading your stuff! Missing you over here. Let me know when you head back this way. xx

7:03 PM  
Blogger Claypot said...

I'm a big fan of your writing. What does John Warner know anyway? He probably quaked in his boots, thought, 'shit this guy's good, best knock him down in case he invades my territory'.

5:24 AM  

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