Saturday, January 22, 2005

A post that is not about me at all

Surprise! It is a post about me!

No, it isn't a post about me at all. I'm not that interested in Mr Unction today, even though I have an important announcement coming. Maybe that makes me even less interested in myself and the details of my life. I am warm, I have Columbo playing, my muscles are aching comfortably from tennis tonight.

I am pretty damn lucky. The war in Iraq continues to be mayhem, complete mayhem, and slowly it's breaking into the mainstream. Here are two links, one to a blogpost regarding a US soldier/blogger, Mike Smith, who has been killed in Iraq and secondly to a LiveJournal of one of his friends.

I'm not really worried that on the first journal there is a knucklehead slanging match in progress, ignorant people rubbishing the dead, calling folks "tresonous" (oh dear, vilified by Animatronic creations, again, and if only they understood that their rhetoric of patriotism has the Masters of the World doubled up in sneaky laughter), it shows that your average Joe is more and more being exposed to the really bad news coming out of Iraq, and not the rubbish they are showing on US television and writing in newspapers.

Coming after an inauguration speech when President George W. Bush failed to mention Iraq once (or Osama Bin Laden, remember him?), it gives me hope that the death of these soldiers is not in vain, that they aren't simply being packaged up as "heroes" and promptly forgotten, and that by the condolences, and the blogs they leave behind, they can be remembered as individuals, for the everyday stuff they worried and wondered about, just like the rest of us, not just by their friends and family, but by large sections of the online community.

It's a sad day.

Here is the message concerning the funeral of Mike Smith, posted by his brother, Jim, in full, rather than have to burrow through the many pages of comments (although these are worth looking at)

live journal threads

Thanks for your thoughts
2005-01-22 16:23 (link)
Hello all, I am Wolfmoon98's brother, Jim. From me and my family thank you for your thoughts and words. Yesterday (Jan 21st) we buried my brother in Arlington VA (section 60, grave 8092). We were so glad that his friends were able to come down, most of whom are on the board from what I understand; we love you all. I need to say a special thanks to mikes bestfriend Chris (let the pain go, and remember the long haired hippy freak mike and his silly smirk) When I get a chance (after I get it together) I'll post some pics of Wolfmoon 98, some good ones and blackmail ones .. hehehe. I was 13 when Mike was born so I have some stories i'll pass on later.

I know not all of you agree with Mike joining the Army or us being there, but remember that was Mike's decision. He had to get his GED to join, he got some direction in life from the Army, was going to go School when he got out and most important he found a new light .. his Wife (Oxana) whom he married 3 weeks before he left for Iraq.

Oxana is here in the US till Feb 2d then need to go back to Korea, we'll use this time to get to know her, and figure out the future without Mike. oxana does have an email address, i'll ask her for it later on. She needs our support and love at this time, she is just crushed by Mike's death.

angain thanks for your words and thoughts .. Jim.


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