Thursday, March 17, 2005

And you wonder why I left England? part two

I can never turn down a chance to knock the Royal Family, and today another wonderful opportunity presents itself with news that The Guardian is holding a competition to find a suitable Photoshopped memorial to the dear departed hag that was the Queen Mother.

Well, here is my first entry... and the Guardian have very sensibly used it. (For anyone not clued in, the Queen Mother was a notorious boozehound)

I'm going to reflect on this a little more. It's July last year that I left England. I was past thirty, I'd lived there all my life, although I had moved around. (Although moving around England is like shuffling seat on the Titanic!) Now, I look back, think hard, and there's nothing that I really miss, besides the National Health Service. The NHS would've been a handy way to lose my tonsils for free, although, who knows, down in the South West I'd most likely get MRSA or the Norwalk virus (constant vomiting and a green face).

I have been following the issues going on in English political life and the news for more than 20 years, and since the David Blunkett affair and the fox hunting debate, I've lost interest completely. This process really started with the start of Gulf War II and Tony Blair's terrible conduct. The final signal is that an election is just around the corner, and usually I'd be getting excited (I know, I know, I need to get out more). But this time around, even with the prospect that Tony Blair may get a bloody nose, I'm not interested. My own analysis is that the best result is a savaging for Tony Blair, but a narrow victory, that then sees power handed over to the less toxic Gordon Brown.

But outside in Memphis, the sun is shining, and I really don't care what happens, short of Tony Blair having something heavy fall on his head.

"There’s room at the top they are telling you still
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
If you want to be like the folks on the hill
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be" - John Lennon, Working Class Hero


Blogger focustest said...

perhaps the bottle should have been Gordins Gin.

the prospect of the forthcoming mauling of the election, shudder. did the postcard get there.

12:38 AM  
Blogger granny p said...

How about White Horse Whisky (with Dick francis up?)

Agree about desired result of election. But who to vote for? If at all? to achieve this aim. Think of letting in Michael Howard...

10:43 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

i think ma'am liked anything that contained alcohol. my dubonnet was in reference to what i read was her favourite drink, Pimms/Dubonnet, the drink favoured by the posh nobs during the Queen Mother's youth.

was one of her many ways of staying in touch with that perfect world that had sadly changed, when everyone used to know their place and the sun never set on the British Empire

2:36 PM  

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