Friday, March 25, 2005

A link to something short and satisfying...

Short and satisfying? I'm referring to this excellent piece by George Saunders on writing and truth and the role of the sentence. I make it sound more pretentious than it is, please have a look ->,,1440257,00.html

And, if you don't know, who is George Saunders??? Well, he is an American writer, who wrote the very funny collection, Pastoralia. He has something new coming out soon. He's worth checking out, if you are clever and like something that is funny and passionate and willing to go its own sweet way. It's not a sophisticated America of glamorous parties he worries about, but kids on bikes, middle-aged men who never managed to leave their mothers, people attending self-help groups, etc.

On the literary theme, I finished reading Nelson Algren's A walk on the wild side today. This man is one of the greatest writers America has produced, anyone who values literature and has not had the pleasure of reading his work, I strongly recommend you to seek him out.

Peace to you all who read this blog. The Emerging Ancient Technologies part two will follow tomorrow.


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