Friday, March 18, 2005

Oh, I thought of something I miss...

I miss the trips out on to Dartmoor, in the South West of England. The sight of the landscape, on the way out to Hound Tor, it's like visiting another planet. And then to park up and spend time walking the gentle slope to the tor itself, choosing an easy part to scramble up (I'm terrible with heights), and then just sitting there, staring out, in a place without cars zooming around, without signs nor fingerposts, without cash registers, and a with fresh wind reviving me. Yes, I miss that.

Here's a picture of Hound Tor

And this is a fairly dire poem by Samuel Wills, on the subject of Dartmoor. I was seeking out the full text of his Musings in Moorland and Marsh, as it has a very funny poem about a man with a bad liver (as well as one called something like Remarks upon eating a tough steak at the home of Lord X)

Never a lovelier scene my eye has viewed
Than Dartmoor - that romantic solitude:
There mountain torrents rush through rock-strewed glens,
A hundred springs gush up from secret dens;
There, rock-piled slopes with rugged chasms yawn,
As if by thunderbolts asunder sawn;
There busy bees their soothing lullaby
Hum in the spiral foxglove's speckled eye:
The breeze the purple heath-bloom moves in turn,
With nodding cotton rush and waving fern -
Fit place for those who find in botany
Somewhat to change their life's monotony.


Blogger KarbonKountyMoos said...

Hound tor looks like a great place. We have some interesting rock formations on some of our place, but no lush green grass like that - sigh....

3:50 PM  

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