Monday, March 14, 2005

Vague Intimations of Doom

It was a weekend foreshadowed with doom.

Firstly, on Saturday, this terrific noise started up, so we went to investigate. As we came outside the apartment building, purple and green light was reflected in the windows of White Station High School, and I expected to see a horde of black-suited Special Forces engaged in the first firefight of a Global War. In fact, it was only a massive fireworks display going on over Macys.

The second incident was the manhunt for Brian Nichols, who shot and killed a judge and some other people in Atlanta. In this scenario, I worried that he may be winging his way to Memphis, carjacking his way here, to our neighborhood.

Because of this, I wouldn't go to Schnucks on a late night shopping mission.

My waffles had to be eaten without syrup.


Brian Nichols has since been captured, and I have now purchased syrup.

Let the celebration waffles be golden brown, drenched in syrup, and tasty as hell!


Blogger anan said...

what? no fireworks?

11:23 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

the only fireworks were my exploding tastebuds

11:47 AM  

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