Thursday, May 19, 2005

Celtic music in the South

Tonight we went to see an up-and-coming Irish band, Teada, over in Florence, Alabama, at a venue that used to be a barn and is now a scrubbed-up performance space.

Hannah was concerned that we check in the newspaper that the band was not the same five guys we saw sawing and hacking through Irish tunes at the Memphis in May festival of Irish culture. Praise be, they were not.

The place was full, full of adults, full of people in sensible clothes. The bartender had this strange way of acting, like each time I asked him for a beer it was the first time in all his time on earth that anyone had placed such a strange demand upon him.

The band came out and started up and the night truly began. These guys were excellent - they acknowledged Planxty by playing one of their tunes, and they were spot on with the musicianship and banter. It was fun to see the ancestral memories of many of the audience being stirred and at the interval the dash for the CDs was more intense than the crush for the bar.

The moral of this short post is simple - If you get a chance to see Teada play for yourself, give it a go!

(Still working on the Terri Schiavo presentation...)


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