Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Homo Disappointus

Yes, that's me. Human nature, once again, that inexplicable topic, the actions of others. Let me give you an example from today. I ordered a couple of new books 5 weeks ago from a publisher in England. They arrived today. Wow-ee! I couldn't wait to take them out and admire them. BUT... and here's where I once again find my faith in people shaken - the books had not been packaged with any care and had been damged during transit. So... what person can get a job at a publishing house, but not possess enough sense to add some bubblewrap or choppped-up newspaper or foam or whatever, before sending out a parcel??? I mean, even the most novice ebay seller can manage this.

So, huge disappointment for Jase.

I am now faced with potentially sending back the books (another 5 week delay) and then waiting for the books to be sent to me again (another 5 week wait). That makes 15 weeks from the day I originally ordered the books! That's nearly 4 months!

Okay, I am off to despair some more... please post any bizarre/amusing/heartbreaking stories of packages you have had dealings with in the comments, show me I'm not alone!


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