Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oh no!

Oh no! I dreamed I was at school, completing an exam... the eternal nightmare! That bad place of bullies, home-made catapults, ink-flicking, towel-flicking, dead legs, knuckle rubs, tweaked ears, whispered threats, and after-school kickings from big lads from small homes.

Damn a world that throws everyone together and lets the savages run riot.

They had the nerve to have us read "Lord of the Flies" in our English class. Damn those teachers to hell, we WERE LIVING Lord of the Flies every flaming day.

Okay, time to go outside, try and put this dream behind me.


Hey hey! Another weird search to reach my blog


So some shy guy is going to get a shirt as a gift, isn't it great to see someone caring for someone else so sweetly!


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