Thursday, May 26, 2005

Scrabble and Bo Biceps

I have had a struggle lately with my motivation. I will be able to say why in another month, but it's here and now that the effects are being felt. My blog is being drained of energy as a consequence.

I wish I could forget about everything, like a red cardinal or a salamander, and just go about in the world. Instead, I have wrestled with an addiction to internet scrabble and feelings of ineffectiveness.

Two words people commonly challenge in my scrabble games - ENOW and HISN - aren't they just delightful. It may be no use looking up these words in Websters as the Scrabble Dictionary now contains a number of words that were simply invented by the Scrabble Overseers. Words such as SKLENTS. So, SKLENTS means nothing other than a 50 point bonus when you play it on a scrabble board. On a personal level, I think this is a shoddy way to go, but Scrabble People get bored after learning all the words ever, and the Scrabble Dictionary People want to Update and Revise and Have an Excuse for Selling More Scrabble Dictionaries.


I've gone back to writing my novel, wondering if I should do as the Scrabble people do and add in some non-existent words. I could then publish a small dictionary of JasonSpeak to accompany my novel, two income streams, hell yeah! Maybe not

* American Idol *

We sat and watched Bo lose on American Idol. We kind of love Bo, it's a special man who can carry off strutting around in leather pants. Take myself, for example, I can't strut, with or without leather pants (actually, I can't say WITH, as i've never worn leather pants and have no real wish to). So, more accurately, I can't strut, and I don't think leather pants would help me to strut.

Now I think about it, and have searched on GOOGLE - no-one is offering strutting lessons out there, even though it's an Amazing Skill to have. I guess guys who can strut just won't share their secrets. Damn them.

So Bo is special, anyway, but he lost. A girl with teeth that don't quite fit in her mouth won instead. So it goes.


Blogger L said...

I am a Scrabble junkie myself.... it's a terrible addiction

10:30 PM  
Blogger HF said...

I hate scrabble. It makes me wreck my head quite literally triggering off a chorus of voices that go: "ROESAPTNER - SRPATEONTR -PATERNOSTER..." and nothing can make them stop. It is like being stoned and searching something in your flat, feeling that you've passed the object a thousand times but you're just unable to see it. Scrabble unleashes violent neurosis so I keep away from it.

6:18 AM  

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