Friday, May 27, 2005

Tiny Theories #1

Here we are. This came to me while watching TV. Have you noticed how loud the commercials are compared to the shows? Sometimes they're twice as loud and it's terrifying, particularly when the ads use Heavy Metal Guitar.

My theory is that it's the companies who make Batteries behind all this, as we sure seem to run down the batteries in the Remote Control in doublequick time catering for this.

Now I'm waiting to see the next ad for batteries - I bet it's the loudest

(Alternatively, the batteries ad may be deliberately quiet, to stop people working out the TRUTH)


Blogger shami said...

you know, i think you're right! i knew there was a conspiracy there somewhere, but i could never seem to figure out where.....

11:09 AM  
Blogger Claypot said...

It's true. I read it somewhere. You could try Googling it. But yeah, the ads are at a much higher volume. I think it started in France...(trawls mess that is mind full of useless information)

2:35 AM  

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