Saturday, June 25, 2005

Domestic Life

I noticed evidence of a new phase in my marriage today. Hannah will say something like, "It sure would be great if someone did X to the TV or wired up the DVD so we could do Y." This is then repeated a few times. Gradually, I have come to realise that this is a subtle request for me to do something.

To cater for this, I've suggested that Hannah purchases a selection of work clothes for me. She can sew on patches - electrician, home entertainment specialist, window cleaner, cook, plumber, etc. Then, my day becomes simply a matter of waking up and seeing which of my work uniforms have been laid out for me.

"Oh! Plumbing and Electrician, great!" or "Oh, cooking and cleaning windows."

We can even install a clock for me to punch in and out of, so we can keep a tally on my hours.


We lay in bed and watched The Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant on local TV tonight. What an event! My own favorite of the competitors was Miss Soy Bean Festival 2005!

Genius. The two hours was super-embarrassing crapola, with a floppy haired cruise ship guy jigging around singing Moondance, each contestant coming forward and showcasing their "talent" - hmmm, lots of strange singing. It was interesting how a strand of wealthy Americans still look to the courtly pastimes of Europe for inspiration - two girls sang opera, another played the HARP! the Harp, in 2005! wonderful.

Enough of the anthropological-lite analysis. I have to go, it's late and my body wants bacon and eggs.


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don't forget to post photos of your new outfits

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