Thursday, June 30, 2005

From the artist's notebook

Here are some of the random thoughts from yesterday... for short stories, or general amusement, etc, or maybe for neither...

* Hannah was giving a sermon on how much limes improve a drink, an evening, life."
"I don't know why this big introduction is happening, there isn't a lime waiting in the wings... there's no lime at the end of the tunnel..."

* Jesco White, the outlaw clogger has a sign on his property - "Pit Bull with AIDS" - Jesco lives in a cesspool in the middle of nowhere, and he's protecting it as if it's Fort Knox.

* at some point in an evening of smoking dope, some stoner always tells a long incoherent story of someone whose life was destroyed by an orange.

* he is more Middle Earth... he plays air mandolin...

* Britain is just way behind America when it comes to relaxation. While we were trying to relax, Americans were kicking back. We didn't start to chill out until the 90s, by which time people in California had been chilling out for 30 years. You could catch the Summer of Love twice, once in the 60s in America and again in 1992 in Britain. Except the British Summer of Love only lasted three days, due to adverse weather conditions.

* The horses are dead, now look at them singing. OR Now look at them singing, the horses are dead. Strangely reversible sentences.

* Another tattooing/strange canvas scenario, a short play that was printed in sections on the shins of 14 Russian noblemen... complementary stanzas that blossomed into full poetry dependent upon society marriages...


Blogger shami said...

please write the one about the orange. i know i always love a story that has an orange in it. whether or not it makes sense. its bound to be good. its the power of the orange. (or may be the dope?)

3:48 PM  
Blogger L said...

liked the last one the best...

10:36 PM  

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