Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Guest Post from Hannah

I have been thinking lots about "Intelligent Design" lately. What is so gosh-darned "intelligent" about believing stories about a white haired, white-bearded man floating on a cloud that /created.../ oops, pardon me, /*Intelligently Designed */earth and light and man in seven days..... stories from a book (the Bible) which has been interpreted, reinterpreted and reinterpreted again and again and again? ( I can't help but think of that childhood game we used to play, known as "Telephone" where the children stand in line and the first person says something to the next who then repeats that something to the next to the next to the next and by the time it gets to the last girl in the line,the original thing that was said is so far skewed that everyone laughs at its ridiculousness as that last girl repeats what was transmitted on down the line.)

I find it an outrage that these religous fanatical wingnuts are gaining ground in our system, removing any morsels of/ intelligence/ from the grasp of our children in the public school system, i.e. debunking evolution without any intelligent theories to back it up except that the white haired, white-bearded man said so. Now if it's a homeless man on the street talking about how God told them this and God told them that, they would be institutionalized, but when the wingnut religious right institution says it, it's gospel, laws must be changed , we must deny our children the American dream of DISCOVERY!! and TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT and FREE THOUGHT!!

I have one thing to ask these bible thumping wingnuts who want to forcefeed their seven day intelligent design theory down my throat like a piece of bacteria-laden raw meat. SHOULD WE GO ON AHEAD AND DEFUND NASA WHILE WE'RE IN THE PROCESS OF ENTERING THE AGE OF ENDARKENMENT?*

"Light from the farthest regions of the universe takes billions of years to reach Hubble. Amazingly, when we look at these most distant of all views, we see events that occurred before Earth itself existed — when the universe was merely a fraction of its present age."

*link to hubble site

Curtseys and waves,*



Blogger The Kernow Cowboy said...

One of the most depressing aspects of the christian right is is the fact that they worship a Dead god.
They live their lives according to a book based on stories over 4000 years old (old Testament).

It seems that God spoke to us and guided us 4000 years ago but can't be bothered today. Maybe he has lost interest after we killed his son? (Kinky Friedman attests that Santa Clause killed Jesus Christ) We know he is jealous god 'I tolerate no rivals' (second commandment) and told us 'not to bow down to any idol' (at least he hates Simon Cowell as much as the rest of the world).

If God exists would he not continue to guide us and have something to say? Back in the day you could go to the top of any old mountain and put in a request and he would not only tell you the answer, but also make notes for you.

If God exits why do the christian right insist that we have to follow rules that are thousands of years old? I would rather worship a god that was relevant and involved with the world today.

Maybe he does speak to us but we choose to ignore him. After all the christian right seems to ignore Jesus completely. They worship the god of the old Testament. An all powerful god that likes to smite, punish and destroy. The god of the Christian right, the god of the old Testament is a vengeful god.

The god of the new Testament, Jesus, seems more of a 'group hug' kind of guy. He was happy to turn water into wine, grew his hair long, wore sandals, walked on water (just to mess with your mind). Heck he even befriended hookers. He healed and helped people he forgive people unconditionally.

If you are a member of the christian right its not a difficult choice. You want to be authoritarian, scary and powerful.

Option A: omnipotent, vengeful god that can rain down flames and flood the world. (He is also happy to write notes for you just to help you on your way)

Option B: A long hair, wine drinking, sandal wearing jewish hippy that loves everybody who would rather be punished for our sins than punish US for them.

Its not a difficult choice if you are the christian right, but maybe next time they pass buy that homeless man on the street they should listen to what he has to say. I hear a rumour that God was supposed to have walked amongst us once....

3:52 AM  
Blogger L said...

those fanatics really tick me off! What they're trying to ram down everyone's throats contradicts ALL science -- physics, geology, etc. -- not just biology. ugh. I work with a couple of them too :(, and they're generally the same people who believe the country was better off with slavery....

7:35 PM  
Blogger Jagan said...

Wow, we used to call that game 'Chinese Whispers'. I just realised this is probably 'Politically Incorrect' now.

5:45 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

Jagan, when are you going to reappear on MSN, i miss you. i'm guessing it's because of the exams.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

Hannah, you are singing my song.

I think the level of religious fanaticism in America is directly proportional to the level of fear.

Since 9/11, fear has skyrocketted, and so has religious froth.

(By the way, I was a fundamentalist Christian until I was 33 years old. I'm here to answer any questions you might have about how their pretzel-shaped logic works! LOL)

There is simply no reasoning with froth. The best we can do is wince, avoid fighting words, and wait until the fear subsides. In the meantime, we have to figure out ways to make sure we don't enter the age of endarkenment.

12:55 PM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

jim. jason, speaking. thanks for the comment. i have picked up again and again on one comment you rightly make, that entering into rational debate with these people is fruitless. it can lend them legitimacy.

one of my favorites is the ID reaction to the fact that bugs become resistant to pesticides and bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. rather than recognise adaptation as a general principle, they come up with "micro-adaptation"!

11:17 PM  

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