Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Least Funny Living Americans

I feel like handing out prizes, so I'll start with a joint honour for the TWO Least Funny Living Americans. Having been in America for more than 6 months I now feel suitably qualified to make such decisions.

Please NOTE: This pair won by an ABSOLUTE mile, there simply aren't many people less funny in America to compete with them

1. Jimmy Fallon
Look, if you're not funny, don't become a comedian. A comedian's job is to BE funny. Jimmy Fallon is not funny, therefore he should never have become a... oh wait! He's now a musician. Great! Two misguided career choices played out on America's televisions. Go, Jimmy. For anyone not sure what the facial expression below is to communicate, Jimmy is trying to be sexy with little success.

Should you find Jimmy at all sexy, please dial 1-800-I-THINK-JIMMY-IS-SEXY-HELP! and speak to one of our operatives. You can be helped.

2. Seth Meyers
It's an interesting, but not that interesting fact, that the funniest thing about Seth Meyers is his name, Seth. Seth, it sounds like a Star Wars baddie, it reminds English people of Seth, the old-timer in Emmerdale with the silly moustaches. Why Seth Meyers became a comedian is one of the most mystifying decisions ever made, along with why anyone would permit him to live out his dream by offering him paid TV work. Truly, a bank somewhere is missing a mortgage negotiator.


Blogger L said...

I think J.F. is very odd and unfunny too. My friend's 9 year old daughter thinks he's hot, which only hammers the point home, really.

11:20 PM  

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