Thursday, June 09, 2005

Nuclear Protest

I went with Hannah to City Hall to take photos of a council meeting. People were there to protest against plans to begin processing low level radioactive waste in Southwest Memphis.

Some RACE employees came along with "My job is at stake" stickers on them. They had some photogenic and glammed up employees, they had a lot of black folks, too. The protesters had brought the secret weapon of lots of cute kids with their own painted signs. I liked one that had a fish that looked angry and mutated.

We were given free t-shirts. The council squashed the protests by agreeing to wait another 30 days before making any recommendations.

We went into the lobby and talked to people. I probably ended up on TV a few times as there were five or six media crews there. I had my cap on, so my dike flat top did not make it onto state television.

The story and some pictures are here, at Tennessee Indymedia


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