Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Don't go back to your old ways...

Okay, here is the first post-London bombings post. Settling down to write it, I'm reminded of the comedy act, Alan Parker, Urban Warrior (pictured below), once the most radical man in Britain, now the Only radical man in Britain. At the end of his act, he'd exhort the audience, "Don't go back to your old ways..."

It's good advice, but there is also that the caveat that I don't believe the London bombings to be responsible for any lasting change, either to the world or to myself, so any reticence exercised here, is done purely for where this post falls in the sequence, the same way you wouldn't want to be seen playing swingball an hour after the funeral of a friend. It's not that there's anything inherently wrong with swingball...

Okay, I'm sure everyone has the picture. Back to the old ways then, here's the latest disturbing search term that has found my blog - :

penis guillotine (on Alta Vista)


Blogger L said...

ooh. not a very good search term to find

6:21 PM  

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