Tuesday, July 19, 2005

D.R.I.P. John Tyndall

The D is for Don't... so Don't Rest in Peace, John Tyndall, who has happily passed away.

John Tyndall was an ugly fascist, a bullyboy, who liked to strut around with a gang of skinheads and yammer on about "Proud Britons walking the streets of Britain, proclaiming the supremacy of the White Man" - you get the idea.

I will never forget Tyndall's indignation at that well-known Trannsylvanian, Michael Howard, assuming leadership of the Conservative Party...

"This immigrant son of immigrants, this (look of righteous indignation on face) INTERLOPER!"

Me and Leo used to replay that sentence to one another, the cadence was so satisfying. It held a high place in our esteem, just as when The Rev. Ian Paisley, another fire-breathing bully, stood up during a Papal address and shouted, "I denounce you as the Anti-Christ!"

Anyway, the world is a marginally better place today - it no longer features John Tyndall.


Blogger Jim said...

Well then ... may he not rest in peace.

12:38 PM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

you know, the accountant in me gets tired of gnashing our teeth over Every Death. just as the death of a good person can leave a hole, the death of one of the baddies in the global cast should perhaps be the cue for cook-outs, tickertape parades, and public shouting.

now, give me Ian Paisley this year and i will be content!

12:43 PM  

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