Friday, July 15, 2005

A few words from Dylan Thomas

"The world happened at once. There was the furnished mountain built in a flash and thunderclap colliding. The shapes of rain falling made a new noise and number. And the lightning stayed striking; its charted shaft of sawteeth struck and bit in continual light; one blind flash was a year of mornings. The mummyfolds, the mudpots, the wet masks, the quick casts, the closing sheathes, melted under the frostbite heat of that unwinking lightning. He boxed free from the statues and the caved and toppling watchers. From the man-sized dent in a melting thigh he came up strung with shells and mussed with weed like a child from the roots of the original sea into a dazzling bed."

from An adventure from a work in progress


These words are very beautiful, however, in true 60s paperback style, the cover of this book is a drawing of a man with three small people sticking out of his head; a woman in glasses, a man in a bowtie, holding an umbrella, and finally, a green-faced moustachioed man in a bowler hat and greatcoat.



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