Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mr Blair and Sanity - they used to be friends...

UPDATED: July 17th 3:45pm

*** Even Blair's own party don't believe him, Clare Short has spoken out again ***

Ms Short said the anti-terror legislation being planned by Mr Blair would act as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. She said it was wrong that Muslims should grow up in Britain willing to contemplate killing innocent civilians, but coupled her condemnation of the bombing with criticism of British foreign policy.

"Some of the voices that have been coming from the Government that talk as though this is all evil, and that everything we do is fine, when in fact we are implicated in the slaughter of large numbers of civilians in Iraq and supporting a Middle East policy that for the Palestinians creates this sense of double standards - that feeds anger," she said in a recorded interview for GMTV.


I hate to call anyone names, but listening to Tony Blair's speech on the global response to terrorism, well, it did make me question the man's sanity.

"As he has done frequently, Mr. Blair sought to reject any suggestion of a link between the Iraq war and the London bombings."

Right. Sooooo, when the Madrid bombs exploded, in a nation that was a coalition of the willing member, and days before a general election that saw the war-supporting government swept from office, that WAS a bomb attack linked to the Iraq war? Or, perhaps in Tony Blair's mind, it wasn't. Now we have a similar attack in London, another member of the coalition of the willing, but no, it's NOT connected to the Iraq war.

So, to recap. Having asserted a link between 9/11 and Iraq that has been shown NOT to exist, Blair is now rejecting a link between his war in Iraq and terrorist bombs that DOES exist.

It would be much easier to admire Blair's message of moderation, tolerance, and freedom, if he had exhibited any behaviour that demonstrated these noble principles. Instead, we have a PM who misled his cabinet, Parliament, and the British people, who goes to church on a Sunday and presides over death and destruction abroad during his week, who has imprisoned British citizens without trial for "terror-related crimes", who did sweet FA to have British citizens guilty only of working at a Comet store in Wolverhampton, released from Guantanamo, and whose commitment to freedom requires his government to proceed with flawed ID card legislation (and having taken your data, and charged you 300 quid for your card, are then going to SELL that persoanl data to private companies), and to this week suggest that society would be more secure (not free), if the Home Office could read everyone's emails and view everyone's phone records.

I can only conclude that Blair is not sane. Only someone not in full possession of their faculties would 1) be sending out a message completely at odds with their record, and 2) seriously expecting anyone else to believe them.

Blair is a liar, and he needs to go. Preferably before he gives me an ulcer, as just the sight of his face now has me reaching for the antacid tablets.


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