Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tony Blair Wrong Again

One of the organisers of the second series of bomb attacks in London, presently held in custody in Italy, has revealed the motivation for the attack,

"A suspected member of the 21 July bomb cell has told investigators he was motivated by the Iraq war, not religion."

Tony Blair and his government have consistently rejected any link between the attacks and UK support for adventurous war in Iraq. Here's Blair, 19 days ago.

Mr Salmond referred to claims by Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi that the US, UK and Italy were more exposed to terrorism because of their leaders' support for the war [in Iraq]. The prime minister dismissed the suggestion, stating: "I think the one thing that is very obvious from the long list of countries who have been victims of this type of terrorism is that it does not greatly discriminate in terms of individual items of policy."

Firstly, referring to war in Iraq as an "individual item of policy" is a gross understatement, as if it sits naturally along decisions on how many new hospitals to build or how to lift people out of poverty.

This "individual item of policy" has been redrawing the map in terms of Britain's standing in large parts of the world, as well as being directly responsible for the deaths of British soldiers, and now, it seems for bomb attacks that have killed many Londoners. Those bomb attacks also led to a sanctioned execution on Britain's streets.

Leaving aside such disingenousness, the basic fact cannot be hidden, Blair is wrong, AGAIN. The failed bomb attacks had EVERYTHING to do with IRAQ, he just cannot admit it. Let's not forget, this is the same Blair who was told by his own intelligence chiefs that his policy of joining the Iraq invasion carried grave risks,

Tony Blair led Britain to war against Iraq despite intelligence chiefs' warnings it could increase the risk of terrorists getting weapons of mass destruction, it has emerged. The revelation comes in a report from the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) giving its verdict on how intelligence was handled in the run-up to the war. The report says September's key dossier was not "sexed up", but it adds that ahead of the war (one month ahead) Mr Blair was told the threat from al-Qaeda and allied terrorist groups would be made worse by invading Iraq.

Seems to me that the only British citizens who have not been made Less Safe by Blair's policies are Government Ministers and high-ranking officials with their Bodyguards, Police Marksmen, cordoned off areas, 1000s of police officers, sniffer dogs, etc. Not only does the government require security from terrorists, the fear of democratic protest has them engaged in measures such as those that accompanied the recent G8 Gleneagles summit.

AN UNPRECEDENTED operation to secure Scotland’s ports, airports and roads will swing into action in July to prevent anarchist protesters reaching the G8 summit at Gleneagles, according to the policeman in charge of the security operation.

Police are expected to lock down a campus around the Scottish Parliament and the Palace of Holyroodhouse to protect both buildings from the thousands of demonstrators who will descend on the capital for the summit. They will also set up cordons around major landmarks such as the Forth Road Bridge and Edinburgh Castle.

Security at Edinburgh Airport, the main point of entry for the world leaders and the demonstrators, will be the tightest in its history and senior police officers will liaise with customs officers.

The latest attempts to hide behind "operational decisions" over the police shooting of Carlos Menezes is inspired by a similar dislike to being accountable to Parliament that Tony Blair's Labour government has come to specialise in.

Home Office ministers have repeatedly insisted that the 'shoot-to-kill' policy is an operational matter for the police that does not require political approval. However, opposition MPs said it could no longer hide behind operational constraints. 'The new terrorist threat requires new responses,' said Jeremy Browne, a Liberal Democrat member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee. 'But an operational policy decision as fundamental as shoot to kill poses wider questions about the power of the state, and should be subject to proper political scrutiny and approval.'

Well said, Sir. And let's not forget that it wasn't MPs who decided on "shoot to kill",

"The new guidance for the campaign against suicide bombers, known as Operation Kratos, was produced after consultation with Israeli security experts."

Yes. Why do we need accountable public figures in Britain when we can go straight to that Security State, Israel, with their vile military bureaucracy of checkpoints (see the documentary, Checkpoint, for footage that provides an insight into what it means to be caught up in the Israeli security machine on a daily level), their bulldozing of houses, and their targeted assassinations (not via plain clothes officers, "targeted" killings via air strikes from helicopter gunships).

This is the same state that deliberately shelled a UN compound full of refugees, (a full 5 years before 9/11 "changed the world forever" - what a joke that idea is, this has been going on for decades)

We had been by Qana that morning and had seen it crowded with 800 refugees. The people with their villages under fire had been taken by the U.N. armored vehicles into the U.N.’s own compound. This wasn’t a refugee camp. This was a battalion headquarters of the U.N. in Qana, where they would be safe. And we could even see that they actually brought their cattle with them and tethered their cows and goats to the barbed wire around the camp. They were going to be safe there.

When we got to Qana, much of it was on fire. As these proximity shells burst, they killed in all 106 people, including fifty-five children. Proximity shells burst seven to nine meters above the ground. They’re anti-personnel weapons; they’re intended to give amputation wounds. When we got there, these poor people without arms and legs had crawled and smashed down the back gate of the compound, and we drove into it. It was literally a river of blood, and it was overflowing our shoes. And we got inside, and it was just butchery. Babies were without arms and heads. Women torn apart. People eviscerated.

that shoots dead schoolchildren

On 5 October Israeli soldiers shot dead 13-year-old Iman al-Hams near her school in Rafah. According to an army communication recording of the incident and testimonies of soldiers, a commander repeatedly shot the child at close range even though soldiers had identified her as “a little girl... scared to death”.

and British peace workers.

The practice of ISM members in Rafah was, while waving their passports, to accompany Palestinians as they attempted to restore water supplies, and telecommunications shot up by the IDF, and to prevent the demolition of houses. On April 11 2003 Tom, dressed in a fluorescent orange ISM vest, was at the end of a Rafah street observing an earthen mound where a score of children were playing. As IDF rifle fire hit the mound, the children fled. But three, aged between four and seven, were paralysed by fear. Tom, having taken a boy to safety, returned for the girls. He was hit in the head by a single bullet, fired by an IDF soldier.

After a two-hour delay on the border, Tom was taken to a specialist hospital in Be’ersheva, and then back to London, where he survived, in a vegetative state, until his death.

And the BRITISH GOVERNMENT thinks we can LEARN from these methods!

Shame on Britain for consulting with another brand of terrorist, the administrators of the Israeli security state. Shame on Tony Blair for leading us in this terrible direction.


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