Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Us Brits - A Londoner Responds

Preamble: This is a guest post from Chris Paul, a friend of mine, who lives in London. Many thanks to Chris.


"Suspect paid thousands in benefits" says The Daily Mail.

Jesus. Not only did this brown faced man bomb us but he did it all with Tax Payers Money. If you tot up what he claimed and add it onto the defence expenditure on Iraq and Afghanistan that is a lot of bombs and dead people that the British tax payer has stumped up for recently.

In the wake of these bombs I've followed official advice however. I haven't let the terrorists win. I've carried on life as usual. I've even carried on catching the bus into work. 'I wonder if it will blow up?' I casually think to myself before forgetting the fact that it probably won't and thinking about something else entirely. I've got to get into work after all.

As a Londoner, as a Britisher, as someone whose life has been effected by terrorism (albeit thankfully not much), I'd like to express my whole-hearted solidarity with peoples in many places; New York, Afghanistan, Bali, Jakarta, Istanbul, Madrid, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine. I'm not sure what form this solidatity should take though, to be at all meaningful. Maybe a day of strike.

In the meantime life does indeed go on. I've got a poetry reading tomorrow night, the cat needs to go the the vet, and the rent is due next week. All to a backdrop of a mundane paranoia and prejudice (no muslims on the top deck today, phew) and the startling apathy that 'us brits' are famous for.

At least we still have our sense of humour.

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Blogger Claypot said...

That picture is a Photoshop jobbie, right? I mean, you gotta be kidding!:)

1:21 AM  
Blogger L said...

that's hilarious!

6:04 PM  

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