Sunday, August 28, 2005

Frankly, bonkers

A father whose son became schizophrenic after long-term cannabis smoking has rollerbladed up Ben Nevis to raise awareness of the issue.

Terry Hammond, from Southampton, took six hours to climb Britain's 4,406ft (1,344m) highest peak in driving rain and bitter cold on Saturday.

His son Stephen, 27, was diagnosed with schizophrenia six years ago.

Mr Hammond said it was probably the hardest thing he had done, but said the reaction of people he met was great.

>>> Well, apart from the obvious, that this man is mad, just how many people do you meet on the side of Ben Nevis in driving rain and bitter cold??? Boy Scouts, most likely...

... and the headline for this marvellous story? Like something from a round of Exquisite Corpse:



Blogger HF said...

Me and a friend once failed in an expedition to climb Ben Nevis. Witch continental arrogance (both of us having hiked in the alps) we tried to do it only equipped with a plastic bag full of sandwiches from Sainsbury's. There was fog, there was rain, it was cold. Dead sheep along the path were a foreboding. Close to the summit an old lady covered in goretex from head to toe with a huge rucksack and walking sticks told us off and sent us back down. First thng back in the tent was to light up a joint.

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