Saturday, August 06, 2005

RIP Robin Cook

This is so sad. A staunch opponent of Tony Blair's unconscionable march to war, Robin Cook has passed away suddenly, aged 59. I will never forget his amazing demolition of the Tory government's Arms to Iraq scandal, digesting a 2000 page document in 2 hours and then smashing to bits the government's defence in an amazing Commons performance.

Yes, he could seem a little arrogant, but his continued critique of Tony Blair after leaving office carried huge intellectual authority along with a forensic knowledge of the machinations that led to war. As a former insider, who was intimate with the build-up to war, but not culpable in going to war, Robin Cook was uniquely placed to demonstrate the deviousness of Blair, his sophistry and ellipses, his repeated lying to Parliament and the British people. The truth about Blair's crimes is just that little bit harder to get at today, after this untimely death.

Rest in Peace, Robin.


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