Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blunkett Caught - AGAIN!!!

One of my least favo(u)rite politicians of recent times, David Blunkett, has seemingly been caught again, using his political influence to help smooth the progress of his personal affairs.

Let me remind everyone - this is the same Blunkett who took a deep interest in rushing through a visa application for his nanny.

Now, Mr Blunkett appears to have used his influence to make sure that his son didn't suffer unduly from an examination grading fiasco. Nevermind lots of others suffering, just so long as Boy Blunkett didn't get caught up in it.

This is the same Mr Blunkett who espouses his working class credentials and spent many of his weekends tramping around country estates as the guest of aristocratic chums. Oh, he's a veritable Mr Bounderby, to be sure, sat back in his chair, lecturing those assembled thus:

"My word, your Duchess, those were delightful veal cutlets to be sure. Not that my palate is well used to them, my having been born in a ditch and raised chiefly on garbage. Let us not for one moment mistake me for a Gentlemen of all things. No, I am riff-raff, that much is plain. And now, if you please, I would avail myself of some vintage wine, the better to rinse out this low-born mouth of mine, which in childhood so often was forced to swig toxic run-off from a chemical waste-pipe..." (raising his glass) "To Our Good Health!"

The same Mr Blunkett who fathered a child with another man's wife!

Yes, he is a good fellow, Mr Blunkett, far too good to simply being a private citizen, exercising his lack of integrity within such a limited sphere. NO! Mr Blunkett needs to Hold High Office, from where his crushing lack of judgment can best be exhibited and the National Interest can be suitably served by one so upright.

Bring on the Knighthood!

Arise Sir David Blunkett! For you are verily the Finest and Most Noble of What England Hath to Offer in the Sphere of Misdeeds and Rank Hypocrisy!


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