Monday, September 19, 2005

Great Resource...

If you don't do ANYTHING ELSE today, please click on this LINK and listen to the great Dylan Thomas discussing the secret societies of boyhood, so damn funny!

Some Excellent Things here, spent last night listening to the John Irving interviews from 1985 and 1989. and this link too
An absolutely GREAT pile of gems in this pile, James Purdy, William Burroughs, James Ellroy, Dick Francis!

Finished two novels in the last week, Dickens' Hard Times, which was excellent. What a master of character Dickens is, I loved the pompous Mr Bounderby.

The other novel was Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome. I have to say, this novel was precisely written, with some choice descriptions of nature, but the Intro by the Author! Please, the vanity of it. Wharton considers Harmon Gow a character, despite his sole contribution being to pilot a horse and cart into town and speaking about 20 words. She also lays claim to having leant on the dramatic device employed in La Grande Breteche and The Ring and the Book, yet doesn't actually make use of a multi-faceted narrative AT ALL, outside of a preamble and an epilogue. So, thumbs down, pretty much. Zeena is a great tyrant, though, and i do like a good hypochondriac in fiction (just as Dickens' Hard Times features Lady Scadgers, bedridden on account of her "mysterious leg")

(The Dover Publications site is a great source for cheap editions of a range of classics)


I'm quietly obsessing over the Richard Burton narration of Under Milk Wood that is available on itunes. Me want, Me want...


Blogger L said...

Ethan Frome was okay, but I love Dylan Thomas. Haven't read Hard Times yet, but I really enjoyed Bleak House

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