Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wrestling Language

The Daily Show is playing. Some of it I find really funny, even if it does cause pangs for The Day Today, which prefigured just about every aspect of this show and went faster and further.
Anyway, on what is a show that prides itself on featuring some long words and evidence of brain activity, why do they persist in having Actors on to talk?

None of these actors (and they are mostly men, for the record) has ever said anything interesting or funny in all the times I've watched them trying. They should make the actors come out in superhero costumes and do WWE style wrestling with an opponent called "Language". Every encounter follows the same path, as Language scores a swift and total victory.

"Did you see that, Gene? Jeepers, while Actor X was struggling to come up with a suitable verb, Language broke his feeble toehold and kapow! bounced him right off the top turnbuckle and out of the ring! Amazing stuff..."


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