Monday, October 10, 2005

Conclusive Evidence, as if it were needed...

You know, sometimes you watch a TV show about the arts and artists and think, "God, these people are such fake Bohemians, in love with the Notion of being a Writer or an Artist, rather than being bothered with anything like the Hard Work of Actual Creative Toil... and I bet they're rich, to boot, and are just slumming it, sleeping in fake cockroach-filled hammocks and pretending to only eat once a month, when there's a phoneline to some rich connection that can wire them Big Cash at any moment, arrange for Plane Tickets to Appear by Magic, etc..."

Well, I feel that way sometimes. Thing is, you can never test whether you are really right about these people, or whether it's simply All Your Own Prejudices.

So, it was a surprise to me, after 32 years of life on this wretched sphere, to be able to finally test the above proposition. You see, last night I watched an arts documentary on the Sundance channel, George & Co, Portrait Of A Bookstore As An Old Man - and there, large as life, up on the screen, was someone I spent 2 years at art college with in Devon.

Georgina Davey. George. I knew it was her, right from the first glance of her most unique nose (seen in profile). And it was.

Sooooo, was Georgina (and the clue is in the name, folks!) a True Artist? Or a Fake, who likes to play at being an Artist for the world's delight and amusement. Sadly, I can confirm that George never showed any glimpse of any artistic talent, beyond being able to make her nipples erect on demand, and never showed any desire to put in any hard work developing an arts practice that went beyond fluttering her eyelashes and attending fetish parties. She also had a family with plenty of money and is not wearing Camden Market purple leggings as she enters her thirties out of anything approaching economic necessity.

I claim VICTORY! Even if George is the only pretend artist in the world, my judgment can no longer be said to be Just the Result of My Own Prejudices!

Cause to cheer and dance like a grapefruit. Drum roll, maestro, please!


Blogger Jim said...

Georgina may likely google her own name one day and find out your true feelings ... although knowing you she probably already knew! ;)

12:53 AM  
Blogger Claypot said...

Pinhut: Still Telling It Like It Is. Love your truth! :)

5:32 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

the words are there to be refuted, with more words or even better with deeds. when george becomes an acclaimed artist and produces some work of merit, then will be the time for me to reassess her contribution to history.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous A Little Bird said...

Hey Jason,

You may want to amend the title of the documentary you mention, as it is incorrect.

I can see that the truth is of paramount importance to you, judging by the rest of this blog, so it seems a shame to tarnish this virtuous piece with misinformation of this kind.

I have trawled through your booklist and am surprised that such a well-read young man as yourself has not read any James Joyce. He wrote a book entitled 'A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man'. The correct title of the documentary is 'George & Co, Portrait Of A Bookstore As An Old Man'.

The film's directors, Gonzague Pichelin and Benjamin Sutherland are aware of this matter.

I hope this has helped you...Now we can all sleep easy.

A Little Bird x

11:12 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

make of the tone of little bird's comment what you will. the 280 books i have read only cover the last 3 years and i have indeed read Joyce's A portrait of the artist as a Young Man, without needing to be patronised by strangers. i can only surmise that there is some unstated personal connection of your own to the sundance film, georgina davey, or perhaps both.

whatever it is, i hope your public service announcement has quenched the thirst for pedantry.

11:27 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

actually, for someone mindful of the facts, you neglected to spot 250. James Joyce, A portrait of the artist as a young man - on the list.

also note that it nowhere says that those books are EVERY book i've read.

sloppiness all round, you must be the same georgina who couldn't finish a degree at the most laidback art school in the UK.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Austen. J said...

Your "contribution to history" is equally unrivalled in it's utter triviality.

The unburdening of prejudice tends to just be a tactic to validate them further. Victory is shallow and meaningless when you're wading through an ocean of self hatred. You're well out of your depth, any maybe should consider adding Prejudice and Pride to your booklist. Or was it Pride and Prejudice? Hey, who cares?

4:05 PM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

we are back once again to worries over the profound and the trivial. no-one has yet made a convincing case that i have ever suggested that this blog is either intelligent, profound, etc, so it's a weak argument.

as for self-hated, no. dislike of fauxhemians, yes. georgina davey's lasting contribution to culture thus far appears to be ironing the floor of a Paris bookshop, so we best not start comparing our records of achievement.

5:55 PM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

why is it such an enormous deal that i didn't get the exact title of the sundance documentary correct? do i have to be a trivial pedant before you are completely satisfied.

as for all this, "out of your depth", etc, just link to your own musings and anyone who wants to make a comparison may exercise that option.

"victory is shallow and meaningless when..." are you getting this from The Big Book of Platitudes. if you want to preach, start a church, and if i ever need my floor ironed, i'll know who to call.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous confused said...

hi, I'm a bit confused. are you an acclaimed artist? Please let me know. thankyou

9:57 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

i think you're going to remain confused, asking questions like that. i am at least as acclaimed as georgina davey, i have had my work performed at the Burton Taylor Theatre in Oxford by members of the National Youth Theatre, have co-written a book on colour theory in digital design, worked as a researcher for the books section of The Independent newspaper, trained at blue chip companies in digital media, generated a million pounds plus of new business for my clients, among other things.

if you want to list your own achievements below, then please do so.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Hecate said...

I tried to submit this but it doesn't seem to have worked. Another possibility is that you decided not to post it. This, I feel, is taking 'comment moderation' a little too far. I try again.

I have been trawling through your vitriolic comments, just trying to get a feel for where you're going with this kamikaze crusade. (and yes, I know it also translates as 'divine wind' but that's not where I'm going with this).

I'm sure you are aware (being self-professed intellectual an' all) that the comments made say shitloads more about you than your 'fauxbohemian'. Interesting, for some.

You stoop low Pinhut. Maybe if I get on my hands and knees I can join you down there...

I mean, come now, what would your mother say about all this? Oh, silly me! That is, if you took your dick out of her mouth long enough for her to say anything.

Have a nice day.

4:04 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

"That is, if you took your dick out of her mouth long enough for her to say anything."

How you can talk about my words reflecting on my character, and then come out with this! I am certainly seeing that Georgina Davey has some incredibly rude friends.

10:38 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

i also note that the accusations of my being a failure have dissipated. you're down there on the "dick in mouth" level where the real success stories operate.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Byron said...

My name is Byron. I am 20 and I am a "Bohemian", a "Vagabond", a "Rambler" or just an artist. Since I started my artistic life (I would say around the age of 4), I have devoted my life to it. I don't know anything else but my art. I have never ever thought about making money with art. I don't know why. All I want to do is to be left alone with pens and paper. I don't want a 9 to 5 job. I consider my art a 9 to 5, actually, it's a 24 hour a day job. People tell me that i'm lazy. This is not true. I work hard. Not to make money but to become the best artist I can. I dropped out of High School When I was 17 in 2002. Since then I could care less for a diploma. This doesn't really matter I think. Since I was young i've had a feeling that I would end up with all the mad men and women from the past. I am not "mad" mind you. I'm what people consider a "Crusty" or a "Squatter". This is partly by choice (I was raised in lower-middle class home by independent thinking parents, my father, a musician and my mother i'm not too sure of. I think she cleaned houses. I have never felt comfortable in their home.). I seems absurd for me to live in a middle class existence. It is all just so silly to me. I can't explain it. I just never feel comfortable in a "fancy" atmosphere. Now, I have met people like your friend from college, Georgina. These so called "Bohemians", more like Posers are very common, especially here in NYC. They are very trendely dressed. Very rich and live in these very expensive apartments. Their "art" is total slop (I hate Jackson Pollock. I leave this comment everywhere). What is very annoying about these people is that they get others to follow them. I can say now that I hate the majority of the human race. The stupidest of all animals on the Earth. These mother fukcers! How dare they front a lifestyle they don't live! Fuck! Why am I angry about this? 1. The male fakes get all the women. I am left here, alone. Fuckers. 2. These rich bastards don't know about suffering!
They don't know the constant struggle or understand the pain I (and the restof us) go through mentally! Why do they get to fucking pretend to be fucked up and get recognition?! What's wrong with this fucking world?! Why am I writing this? I don't know I forgot. I need a place to rant. Sorry. But people like your friend George or Georgina (is it male or female?) Piss me off. I can't stand these trendy, rich bastards! Fakes! Anyway, I'm going to go and pass out. You don't have to post this. But take note: When I die you will hear the name Byron Obando. They will say "He was a great artist". They will buy my paintings for millions when I die. While i'm alive they will just spit on me and toss my work aside.

"In so many bourgeois homes Van Gogh's sunflower radiate from the walls, yet he lived in utter misery, condemned by those very same people. Such is the lot of us poor struggling artists. In the hole most of the time." - Byron

I hope I die soon.

6:20 PM  
Blogger zague said...

Mon cher Pinhut, je ne vais pas t'écrire en anglais puisque tu sembles aimer le verbe et que je veux jouter avec toi. J'aiguise donc mon clavier plume dans la langue de Molière, ce qui m'est facile, d'autant que mon traducteur choyé n'est pas là. J'espère que tu lis Molière. Ce préambule pour te dire que Georgina, que tu dépends malement, est peut-être, en partie du moins, une bohémienne oisive et aisée (tu l'es aussi puisque tu/ils(?) as/ont payé tes études dans ce collège extrêmement couteux de la gentry anglaise). Georgina cherche sa voie et ne la trouve vraisemblablement pas. Certes, mais elle a 26 ans. Ce que tu ne vois pas, outre ton acharnement nauséeux à la décrire comme un paquet sexuel, c'est sa générosité, sa gentillesse, sa simplicité, sa sensibilité.
Je suis le réalisateur du film et j'aime Georgina, en dépit de ses rêves d'artiste boiteux, je te le concède. Gaffe ! Pinhut, tu me sembles imbu de toi-même.

A toi.

gonzague pichelin

5:46 AM  
Anonymous adrian said...

I knew Georgie in Paris and though I haven’t seen her for a few years I would say two things about her then: one, she was a very pretty, warm, and fun woman, and it was always a pleasure to see her. Two, she made no pretension toward being a “True Artist” - something which in fact distinguished her from a number of the people around her. I can’t see the relevance in debating which of you is the more distinguished artist - I think it’s fairly safe to say that neither of you are, in truth, artists of any great significance, nor are likely to become ones. But I can say that posting poisonous blog entries about someone you knew years ago on the basis of a stupid tv show is mean, unnecessary, and deeply unappealing. If you want to mouth off about people who posture as artists without producing anything noteworthy then that’s fine, but if you are going to name individuals and start insulting them, you should make sure first that your comments are accurate. I think your posting smacks of a callousness born of frustration and jealousy, and the fact that it belittles you doesn’t mean it isn’t still offensive to others.

Georgie if you’re following this, I hope you’re well. Was “pinhut” this much of an arsehole at college? Or perhaps you don’t remember him?

6:23 PM  
Anonymous adrian said...

Oh I see - so the blog is to be rude about other people, and the comment moderation is to block postings which cast you in an unflattering light. Oh dear oh dear.

2:54 PM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

i posted your abuse, adrian. i had more to attend to than instantaneously approving your comments. happy now?

3:01 PM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

the comment moderations were added to weed out endless automated comments for online poker, not to stop abusive idiots such as adrian from showing the world the contents of their "mind".

stop being such a conspiracy theorist.

3:03 PM  

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