Sunday, October 30, 2005

I shall rise again

I also need to disconnect myself from Publick Opinion, all that News and Politics. I see this big grid made of flexible material, plastered in faces, text, charts, moving images, just flapping around brightly in the Winds of Change or whatever it is that makes Opinions Flutter, delicate as a May butterfly. And I feel victimised by it, because I would prefer to be drinking from the cool mountain streams of an unpolluted everyday world, where thoughts are friends and are not scrolling past at a million miles an hour and being interrupted by commercials.

So there is that to consider to. If people are happy to read thoughts not connected to anything but my imagination and the everyday world without televisions and websites full of faces and news and gossip, then whoopee, I can dredge a few mud-splattered words from the bottom of Lake Unction.

Go forth and groove.


Blogger Andrew said...

I'd rather read thoughts and words of imagineering than anything else.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

In the words of colonel gaddafi,"You want Lybian cigarette? You want Lybian coffee? You want make stinky pee pee??"

5:50 PM  

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