Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's happening again - sadness...

What a dismal year it is turning out to be for deaths. John Peel, Brian Clough, Richard Whiteley, Robin Cook. And now, the one I hoped would not happen, the death of one of my greatest heroes, Ronnie Barker.

It was a complete thrill for me as a child, watching the Two Ronnies. Just the sight of the opening titles, with two pairs of spectacles throwing off golden sparks was enough to fill me with delicious anticipation. It was the Two Ronnies, along with John Steinbeck, who first filled me up with the magical sensations that the English language can produce. To this day, it only takes mention of "four candles" (fork handles) to have me laughing like a fool.

And Porridge! Don't get me started on Porridge! Porridge is, without doubt, my favo(u)rite TV show ever. What a delight it is, and I do a mean Richard Beckinsale impression, being from the same part of the world. How many times did me and Leo sit around repeating "Yowve been loik a father to me, Fletch..." in Dublin? Way too many times.

Goodbye, Ronnie Barker. Thanks for everything.


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