Friday, October 14, 2005

Thatcher at 80

So, Margaret Thatcher is now 80. What did the Birthday Cake feature? A miniature re-enactment of the Poll Tax riots, candy protestors being trampled by chocolate horses? Did she blow out the candles with a Water Cannon?

I cannot forget her destruction of Britain. The Miner's Strike, The Poll Tax Riots, The Nuclear Weapons, The Falklands, The Hunger Strikers in the Maze, The Screwing of Pensioners, The Selling of National Assets for Peanuts to Her City Friends - do I need to go on?

I can never forgive this woman for what she did to Britain.

No state funeral for Thatcher without pitchforks waving and murder in the air... Let the working folk of Britain manifest once again as the Vile Angry Medieval Mob they know themselves to be!


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