Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another job ends badly!

Oh, I walked out of my bookstore job today.
Having put in lots of effort above and beyond what was required, I was rewarded with the task of wiping down all the shelves with a damp rag! So I just wiped half a shelf then realised it was over with and made my retreat. Maybe I should have told someone I was leaving, but why bother? The manager is a Total Maternal type, treats us all like a surrogate brood, I knew that the moment I dare be seen Questioning Authority she would fire back a Trump-style "You're FIRED!" Why give someone satisfaction?

I sat in the library and read 150 pages of critical writing and reminisces of Flann O'Brien, then proceeded to read an e-book version of criticism on William Burroughs, it was very funny, maybe unintentionally so, a psychiatrist analysing Burroughs, explaining his writing as infantile and orally and anally fixated, the Mother suppressed to re-emerge as The Connection, lactating the poisonous breast milk of junk, and, of course, the penis as proxy for breast, semen as breast milk, etc.

I thought the essay would end with a prescription, along with instructions "to return in two weeks if you're still fantasising over talking assholes..."


I wonder what I am going to do next for work. I don't really like any of the work I've done, there's nothing I would go back and repeat, it is all bad.

I would have liked to have had some kind of career, but that never seems to have happened, and I don't know what would suit me best. I think I would be happiest hosing down hoboes with a water cannon, something genteel. Perhaps I could get a job at a flying school, that would be good. Or secret agent. Ooops, forget I said that.

All suggestions ungratefully received. Complete the sentence, "Extreme Unction would make a great..."

I'll start you off...

Extreme Unction would make a great... hunting trophy


Blogger Claypot said...

How about some type of Consultant? I always fancied that kind of job. You know, go into a company, tell them what's shit about it, and send them a huge bill for your time. Plus it would be EASY heh heh. I empathise with that career thing, but you know what, I think it's over-rated. I am about to do a house-sitting stint and wondering if that could be a full-time career. Get some filthy rich people to pay you loads of money to sit in their house, use their pool, watch their movies etc. Plenty of time to sit around and write, but get paid for it.

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