Monday, November 28, 2005

In Praise of... #1 - Scooter

German rave artist Scooter rocks the party. Endlessly. And he wants to see your hands. So wave your hands in the air. Wave those hands WHISTLE POSSE! MAKE SOME NOISE!

Here are some lyrics from the frankly amazing assault on the ears and the English Language, Weekend

Allright, crew! It's weeeeeeeekeeeeeeeeeend!!!
We're not the monkeys, but we've got the key!
I'm the fast chatter - no one's better than me!
'Pon the mic I'm the teacher!
Spead my words like a preacher!
Cut the crap! Get the slap!
Drum'n'Bass's still on the map!
'Pon the mic I'm the Voodoo!
Destination of Zulu (?)
Here we come! Here we go!

Vital Scooter Linkage:
Official Site


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