Monday, November 14, 2005


I have added some of these Google Ads to my blog. There they are, flashing you the contents of the market's dirty raincoat. I wonder if anyone will ever click on them, do Extreme Unction readers buy anything off the web? I use only ebay and abebooks for online purchasing. Anyway, I did not wake up to find myself transformed into a capitalist PIG this morning, despite the fact that Extreme Unction has more original content than many of these "Donate me, it's tough work pasting in links to news stories you can find with one click" blogs. Be assured, any revenue that comes from the Google Ads will be donated to some worthy cause or other. I AM going to feed the hungry and clothe the poor, whether they like it or not.

My longer-term aim is to join Google Answers as one of their researchers, fielding questions on pop culture, pop music, and literature. I am sure that would be a suitable outlet for the trivia I've accumulated over the years. I'm something of a Professor of Trash, if anyone has any annoying pop songs trapped in their head that they cannot remember the artist/title of, please forward them and we will do some trial freebies in preparation for my glittering Google-reer.

Beyond that, I am currently insulated from the news agenda. Today I was doing some research for my book, I wanted to find out how long it would take to do a powerboat trip from Dublin to Cornwall. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to word this request WITHOUT sounding like the World's Most Naive Potential Drug Trafficker. Sadly, the other half of the query involves the protocol involved sailing a boat out of the port of Dublin, presuming such a thing to be possible.

Such are the depressions that currently afflict me. I watched The Grass Harp, film of the Truman Capote novel last night. If you want something to cry along to, it's a good choice. I find myself way too sensitive as I pass 30. I had my pack come through from The Heifer Foundation, with regard to buying a share in a llama for some poor people in the Andes. I started crying just flicking through the stories and thinking of how it must be for folks with nothing at all. By the same token, over on this great great psychedelic resource/underground politics website I read a political tract by "Anarchists" that laid into charitable giving as "perpetuating the myth that a level playing field can be created under current conditions". That is okay to say IN THEORY, But on reflection, I really got PISSED OFF at such a sentiment. If I have 20 dollars and spend it on a DVD or some takeout, that is NOT the same as buying a 20 dollar share in a llama for people in the Andes. The only place the two acts are equivalent is in the dollar value. No-one should feel themselves absolved of helping, especially because of REVOLUTIONARY POLITICS. The people who need a llama don't have time to wait for anarchists to bleed the system dry by NOT working. (This conception is a myth, anarchists who intend to bleed the system by not working are operating with a mercantile view of the world that is centuries out of date, as if there is a fixed amount of global wealth to fritter away by sitting around NOT working and smoking spliff and listening to FUGAZI). The anarchists should WORK TWICE AS HARD and then burn their wages or give them away. But no.

Anyway, rant over. If I can clear the fact that the Heifer Foundation has no religious dimension, the llama share will be sent. Peace.


Blogger HF said...

Peace, brother! I am troubled by very similar thoughts these day and I too have passed 30. I am astonished how easily movies make me cry! And similar to you I came to despise the cynical world view of "there's no point in trying to make things better, as we're being f***ed over anyway". It's the intention and the struggle that counts. If only on an energetic level. So I raise my glass to you and the llama! Well done Sir!

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just visited the Heifer foundations website- Admirable intentions...

"Women's Lambing
Women from all over will be coming together this March and learn more about Heifer's mission to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth during Heifer Ranch's Women's Lambing program."

You heard it here first. Lambs not War. If only it were really that simple, but I fear charities only exist to protect against the worst excesses of capitalism. That is not to say they aren't necessary, they clearly are, but they have many, many, limitations.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Unsane said...

Women are giving birth to lambs not men?

2:47 AM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

Necessary, but with many, many, limitations... sounds like just about EVERYTHING in the universe... sooooo, unless we're not going to eat a carrot because it is limited by not being sweet, or drinking orange juice, because it is limited in being runny, unless we go down such a road, charities are no more vexed than most else. and there's no other way i can get money/llama into the hands of a family high up in the Andes.

1:06 PM  

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