Monday, November 21, 2005

Spiritual Superstars

This is an idea that will be expanded on, but people get upset when I say that Hollywood movies are nothing or the music they are listening to is nothing. But, truly, what kind of world are we living in when Brad Pitt or Joaquin Phoenix or Kate Winslet or Gwyneth Paltrow are there, looming larger than the Pyramids in the scheme of things.

Who are the Spiritual Superstars of our age? Who are the wisest people in the world? Can anyone think of any? Are they made any use of? Does anyone think any of our leaders are wise?

I can go on the web right now and find the 10 American men and women who can jump furthest into a sand pit at the present time (they call it long jump), but I cannot access any information on the wise people of our age (rather than the usual suspects from thousands of years ago).

Now why is that?


Blogger Unsane said...

Oh-- there was a journal survey done on this recently, and the most important public figure was considered to be Noam Chomsky, from what I recall.

7:03 PM  
Blogger kingfelix said...

chomsky? well, he may be a permanent crusader for truth, but a spiritual superstar? anyway, one survey ranked kissinger, who has probably been responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths, as the "most intelligent man in the world"

7:06 PM  

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