Thursday, December 22, 2005

Britain: Police State Update

Paranoia is nothing. Sorry to spoil the festive cheer with the festering corpse of truth, but there's a dire story in today's Independent about the latest wheeze of the securocratic state to force compliance upon all the people it "serves."

In the UK, the government has millions of DNA samples. Each high profile unsolved murder, each suspect who is questioned (a charge does not have to be made in order to compel you to surrender DNA - I know, having been prey to this), draws more and more law-abiding citizens into the DNA database (located in Birmingham, but who knows where?) At least one judge has called for everyone to have their DNA taken and stored in a central database.

Jack Straw wants to read everyone's email, log all telephone calls, record all the websites people visit. He wants to access your bank account, scrutinise your purchase history, and read your medical records. (Lives were being ruined by the widespread leaking of medical notes as far back as 2000, and centralisation will only make things worse, the government is permitting an opt-out in 2006 that they are hoping you won't exercise.)

The UK already has an incredible network of CCTV cameras, through official networks and co-opting of businesses CCTV (estimated at 4 million cameras).

ID cards are still to be introduced.

Now the Government wants to track every car journey everyone makes and keep the details for a number of years. This will "drive criminals off the roads." It will also, in time, serve to make criminals of us all, as it is one of the building blocks of a functioning police state.

You can read the sordid details here, at The Independent.


Blogger Jim said...

It sounds like the UK and the US are marching in toe. Sorry to hear it. :/

12:13 AM  
Anonymous christ! said...

meffy sexmas pinhat!

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