Sunday, December 04, 2005

Something I don't usually do...

I am not usually lazy enough to just link... but Polly Toynbee's excellent piece on The Chronicles of Narnia from a humanist perspective is worthy reading.


Blogger Andytown said...


Just saw that you posted on my blog. Apparently I missed it when you originally commented. Thanks for commenting.

Re the Ulysses/SATURDAY connection. I don't know that there has been a connection in modernist/post-modern literature so obvious. It's written by a Irishman, set in Ireland, takes place in one day, and features a lot of internal monologue over seemingly insignificant actions that take on a more weighty purpose as the novel unfolds.

As far as the "post 9/11 set" comment. The 9/11 / Iraq rhetoric is pretty heavy (and, I admit, heavy handed). I would argue that along with Foer's EXTREMELY book, this is the other major post 9/11 novel. So for better or worse I think my description applies.

Just my thoughts. Thanks for commenting. Do we know each other?

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Blogger kingfelix said...

ah, hi andy

i just laughed at the ulysses comparison because mcewan would drown in the snot green sea without the buoyancy aids of the English class system to which he owes his career. i found the narrative tone condescending, the plot was actually from what i can see also v close to stuff that Don DeLillo does. and in McEwan's saturday he still finds time for the utterly bourgeois pursuit of sharing a recipe! not a recipe for prosecuting the war on terror or whatever it is called this week by the Pentagon. no, this is for some fish concoction! no doubt just a spoonful would've been heaven before leaping from the 85th floor of one of the towers. i just know this rationality masquerading as some kind of corrective to the outpouring of grief and emotion all too well, but mr fish stew just doesn't have the tools as far as i am concerned to absorb a large political event such as 9/11. i have read his other books and there was no politics at work other than the middle-class philosophy of getting a well-paid job and sending your kids to good schools. now he is a chronicler of the age. some leap.

anyway, that's my reading, everyone can diverge as they wish.

i think i found you by following chain of memphis blogs, but no, don't know you personally

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