Tuesday, December 13, 2005


So out of fashion that I have an urgent need to be fashionable, I have added something called a Swicki to Extreme Unction. It is there on the right, taking up valuable space (Google Ads alone have now reaped $0.59 in just under six weeks, I can retire a rich man in 2450 A.D.).

The Swicki supposedly produces better focused search results and will improve in time due to some marketeers bastardization of Darwinism, blah blah. As citizens of the universe, I invite you to test drive the Swicki today. If it does anything interesting, please please please, let me know what it is.

But for starters, I clicked on the "confidence men" tag and found this beautiful first sentence on a report of a Baptist Minister's Conference

"The Conference commenced with the 300 men singing the metrical version of Psalm 65..."

Sorry I missed out on such a glorious sensory extravaganza!


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