Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Average Person needs to be kicked and beaten

The Average American, at least, requires kicking and beating.

Let me explain. We are presently in a precarious global situation with regard to resources, yet the roads are full of unthinking morons, who base their purchases on what everyone else does, tooling around in massive SUV's that they cannot afford to drive at more than 40 mph.

These people never lay awake worrying about the issues, they never wonder what changes they can make, or seemingly about what world they are going to leave behind for their bastard spawn. These people don't spend any time tunnelling beneath the mass media, trying to get at the facts. If they did, there wouldn't be shit like CNN and Hardball, and entertainment dressed as news. You wouldn't have a mining accident overshadow huge congressional scandals, you wouldn't have to listen to the unthinking repitition of Republican Talking Points by news anchors who would struggle to spell 'truth', let alone report it.

Being from a humble background myself, and as someone who has endeavoured to treat everyone fairly, I am usually of a mind to lump myself in with the average folks and think 'We're all in it together' etc. But truly, beyond being subject to the same vicissitudes of the economic cycle, where is the common ground between those who think and those who mindlessly consume? It's time for a major rethink.

It is for this reason that today I call for the Average Person to be dragged into the street and kicked and beaten.


Blogger Unsane said...

Kicked and beaten and then eaten?

5:37 PM  
Blogger KarbonKountyMoos said...

Of course they can afford the fuel for the SUVs - they're putting that on their credit cards. The SUVs are on monthly payments - that they'll never finish paying. They haven't a thing to worry about.

1:10 PM  

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