Saturday, January 14, 2006

Britain: Police State Update

Not content with spying on the general public, Tony Blair is now planning to give the security services the power to spy on Members of Parliament. For any Americans needing a comparison, given the recent Bush warrantless wiretapping scandal, Blair's plan would be the equivalent of giving permission to tap Congressmen's phones/monitor their electronic communications. How such a move cannot strike at the heart of the confidence that citizens approach their elected representatives in, and offer a huge temptation to the incumbent government to monitor their opponents for strictly political reasons, God only knows. Hold on, from what I can see, if Bush thinks he is King, then Blair assuredly thinks he is God.

In more British news, Gordon Brown wants a Patriotism Day, where British people celebrate being British. Hmmm... He also said this,

"The speech to the left-of-centre think-tank included references to the July 4th celebrations in the US and the common practice of many citizens having a flag in their gardens."

And why does Brown think British people don't have flags in their gardens? It's certainly not because of far-right groups who co-opted the Union Flag forty years ago.

I had a revelation over all the American flags you see here, something so basic that it shocked me, and my driving companion, too. I realised that Americans fly the flag simply because it's THEIR flag, they own that flag. They fought off the British and took charge of their destiny, and they have every right as Americans to be proud of that. And, hard as it may be for Americans to appreciate, British people don't own their flag. To wave the Union Jack serves only to recognise this painful fact. Of course, as always, there are little old ladies and assorted dumbasses who revel in the Union flag and the monarchy, but they are a dwindling few.

Basically, if British people felt the same way as Americans about the flag, the same sense of it belonging to them, then we would already have the same outlook as Americans and Union Jacks would flap proudly in our gardens. Instead, the supposedly intelligent Mr Brown thinks you simply impose a day of Patriotism! Sounds more like the Cold War Soviet Union, a day spent standing in Red Square with a fixed grin, waving robotically as tanks and planes dawdle past. Thanks, Gordon!

To go further, the irony is delicious. Brown envies the American celebration of Independence from Britain. So there's the answer! Slaughter the Royal Family, burn down Parliament, and declare a new nation to be formed. We can then have a patriotism day each year to commemorate it. Sadly, it won't be the Union flag people are waving, and Brown will be too busy swinging from the gallows to enjoy it, but hey, I'm up for it!


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