Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Google's Unfolding Chinese Adventure

Google, while fighting against handing over search data in the US, is working hand in glove with the Chinese to bring a new service to the People's Republic.

"Google, the world's biggest search engine, will team up with the world's biggest censor, China, today with a service that it hopes will make it more attractive to the country's 110 million online users.

After holding out longer than any other major internet company, Google will effectively become another brick in the great firewall of China when it starts filtering out information that it believes the government will not approve of."

Makes you wonder what happens to a Chinese internet user who types in a term that has been flagged for censorship. I am sure we won't see any Google hand-wringing for them. And to top it all, goddamn it, this blog is brought to you by Google and I have a Gmail account (that i love).

Damn you google.

(There's something nauseating about how this article gives google kudos for "holding out longer," how praiseworthy.)


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