Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Lib Dems Get Freaky

The Liberal Democrats are currently melting down. Charles Kennedy departed, the tell-tale red face of the full-time drunk slinking off the stage. Then the leadership battle lost a candidate, Mark Oaten, who had not factored in the consequences of a married man having an affair with a rent boy to his campaign. The News of the World helped change his mind on that one.

And now Simon Hughes, who was busy telling the world he wasn't gay just last week, is... (drum roll), now admitting to being bisexual.

This brings up two questions. Firstly, do you need to have a few dark secrets BEFORE you join the Lib Dems, or do they issue them at your orientation? And secondly, what on earth is Menzies Campbell going to reveal about himself?

My own thought is that Campbell will come out with a public confirmation that he is, indeed, a cannibal.

"The clue was in the sound of my last name - Campbell / cannibal..."

"I've eaten no more than 3 people since 1998. And I want to tell you, being able to make a frank admission of my behaviour is an enormous relief to me..."


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