Friday, January 13, 2006

The Raindrop Test

There is a thunderstorm in progress, I can't sleep. I lay in bed thinking how exciting it would be to interview the wind or to read the biography of a raindrop.
Exciting in its own right and not just as a release from human concerns. But here's a test, call it the Raindrop Test. Summarise the plot of any news story, any film, any book, any play, any TV show, and replace any words that refer to a person with "raindrop"

Brokeback Mountain - a film about two gay raindrops
CSI Las Vegas - each week a team of raindrop scientists investigate the deaths of a number of raindrops
Dog the Bounty Hunter - a powerful raindrop and his team hunt down fugitive raindrops in Hawaii
CNN - 12 raindrops stuck down a mine, Big Chief Israeli raindrop lies in a coma, President George raindrop continues to defend spying on millions of American raindrops, raindrop Judge Alito denies having a dislike for raindrops of color, etc

You get the idea. The culture is obsessed with Raindrops/Humans, call them what you will. Correct me if I am wrong, but are PEOPLE really that interesting? This narcissism will turn us into robots, you'll see.


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