Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Xbox 360 is my Enemy

I was watching Brainstorm today, one of my favourite psychedelic sci-fi movies (how many are there to choose from?) and thinking how great it would be if scientists developed a machine that could replay sensory experiences for fully immersed entertainment, an entertainment that could shoot straight into the mystical, the sexed-up, and the sexed-up mystical. Check out the titles - The Greatest Zen Buddhist Mystical Experiences in the Universe Ever, The Top 100 Orgasms, Virtual LSD, The Motley Crue Tour Bus Adventure, Citizens Revolt - Great Political Riots THEY Don't Want You to Know About, etc.

Sure as hell beats the crap out of Xbox 360 from Microsoft. My point is this. So long as your average zombie citizen is content to push buttons on a game controller and stare at larger and larger TV screens, we are never going to see anything cool. So long as adults think that finding a spear and jamming it in a virtual post 2 seconds walk away in the game world constitutes "a puzzle" (a la King Kong game), then what hope is there for anything like an expanded consciousness console, rather than Vegetable Entertainment for Heavy Metal Addicts from Uranus? There's no hope.

And this is why everyone buying an Xbox 360 is in my goddamn way.

On this theme, perhaps the ultimate challenge would be an Xbox 360 game where you had to liberate an anaesthetised generation and force them to forsake their iPods, TiVo, and game consoles, and find their way into the streets. The game would climax with an army of born-again citizens beating representatives from the entertainment industry to death in a graveyard. "Damn, these faceless undead executives! Each time I chop one down, another two spring up... looks like we gonna have to take down the Whole Damn Economic System if we ever gonna find peace in our times..."


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