Friday, October 13, 2006

I am holding a crab


For today, here I am, holding a crab. This is one way to always think of me, stood there, holding a crab tied up with fresh banana leaf.

I tore the keyboard off my laptop today, finally too frustrated to put up with the malfunctioning contacts. And then I separated the printed plastic circuit, finally achieving some kind of success. There's something satisfying about witnessing the guts of this machine.

And I bought three types of bananas from the market for company. You can picture me putting down my crab and eating a red banana, that's a very Central American thing for me to be doing, yet it doesn't border on cliche. It's not like wandering around Cancun wearing a sombrero with a pocketful of jumping beans. It's cool and culturally specific, and that's a good way to picture me.

The red bananas are so delicious.

Excuse me, it's time to experience them again, to the sound of Van Morrison. Ah, a man of contrasts, yes, to be sure. Picture me having just put down a crab and now eating a red banana to the sounds of Astral Weeks. A trailblazer. Goodbye.


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