Sunday, October 15, 2006

Let it bleed

Patti took some blows for Team Gringo yesterday. He got the snot beaten out of him by four Guatemalan men. They took his phone, his watch, and all his money. I had done my best to get him home and we never quite made it. The man is too heavy and drink revealed a boneheaded streak. I left him real close to home, thinking, hoping, he would be okay. And he is okay, only his eye is out a mile and his top lip is two inches thick.

"It could've been a lot worse," I told him, "it could've been me who got beaten up."

Patti has two beautiful young Dutch girlfriends and I suggested he ask them to lay in bed with him, figured they could break out tissues and do a little "erotic dabbing." When I cracked that joke, the other two men present started smacking themselves around, "Hey, we need a little nursing, too..." Such is the power of beautiful Dutch girls to warp men's minds.


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